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2018 Winter/SpringNewsletter
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 As we head towards Valentine's Day and Rodeo Season here in Tucson, a big Thank You!  to all of our friends and clients who helped make 2017 a huge and resounding success!!
 We recently moved to a much larger, better and more beautiful location that will enable us to continue to grow our operation to better serve your needs. We are nestled in a beautiful, lush desert valley area surrounded by stately saguaro cactus and mesquite trees. We have already completed the new barn for the button quails. We also completed a full restoration on our Petersime turkey brooder which was an incredible transformation to like new condition. This will allow us to continue to grow quality birds. 
 We are appreciative of the orders that are starting to trickle in and are happy to book orders with the understanding that here at Phil's Best Button Quail we raise our birds under natural conditions, meaning we do not artificially stimulate early or prolonged egg production with the use of lights. We believe that the birds should be allowed to come into season naturally, when all the conditions are right. Since we have no control over the weather or Mother Nature, we can only anticipate production based on historical data. 
 While most of the country is still in the midst of winter's icy grip thus far, the weather here in Tucson has been amazing, cooling off a bit at night with temperatures in the high 70's to mid 80's during the day. The Red Golden Pheasants think it is spring with all the courting and displaying to the hens that comes with it. 
  We  should have a good supply of California Valley Quail hatching eggs this year as we have increased the size of our flocks. Albino Chukar Partridge and Chukar Partridge hatching eggs sold very well last year and we anticipate a sell out again this year.
 Texas Blue Scale Quail hatching eggs will be in short supply this year so reserve yours early. We have added the Gamble's Quail to our collection and we anticipate we will have a limited supply to offer. Due to the demand for quail meat and eggs, we have added Jumbo Brown and Jumbo White Coturnix quail to our line up. You won't believe the size of these quails - astounding!
And of course we will again be offering a supply of our ever populer Butler's Bobwhite quail hatching eggs this year. Those orders are already coming in with anticipated production to start in early March. The early production is by far the best in terms of fertility and viability at the highest point of the season. Order early to book those early spring eggs! 
 We anticipate egg production and shipping to commence in late January to mid-February on the Button Quail and Coturnix Quails, and mid-March to early April for all the other birds we raise.
 When placing your hatching orders, don't forget to order your Phil's Best Starter Brooder Kit to give your chicks the best shot at survival.  Our brooder was designed many years ago and has proven to be a highly successful method of starting your precious chicks. Our brooder can be used for most any type of chick. It is economical, energy efficient, easily cleaned and disinfected and durable.
 I would like to take a moment to thank all of our repeat clients for your continuing support that keeps us going, and to our new customers for helping us to continue growing. Do know that we appreciate your orders, but more importantly, we appreciate you and your faith in our business and our products, for without you our dream would not be realized. - Phil

Thank You for your support and we look forward to a bigger and better 2018!
-Phil Garcia-

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