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Introducing The Coturnix Laying Quails...
 First introduced to the United States by Albert F. Marsh in the 1960's, this hardy and versatile quail has established itself as one of the easiest species of quail to raise.
 Layers of large eggs that are perfect for boiling and pickling, baking or just enjoying as a tiny breakfast, these quails are fast growing and maturing. The hens will start to lay as early as 6-7 weeks of age and will lay every day of the year with proper lighting duration to mimic that of the long Spring and Summer days.
 This fast maturation also makes them an ideal meat bird for those who relish the taste of quail meat. The Jumbo Pharaoh can reach a live weight of approx 1lb in as little as 8 weeks.
 They are a very calm and generally peaceful bird that can be kept in a small space, although as with any living creature, the more space you can give them, the happier they will be. We raise our birds in specially designed breeder cages that house 1 cock and 3 hens very comfortably. They are fed a high protein crumble as a daily ration, with fresh greens and milo maize added as a treat on a regular basis. Oyster shell is included to add additional calcium for strong egg shell production.
 We will be offering a limited supply of hatching eggs from the breeds we raise this spring. While we keep the colors separate, remember these are mutations and may throw some off colors.

 At Phil's Best Button Quail, we have concentrated on raising 3 of our favorite color mutations of the Coturnix Quail
 The Manchurian Golden has always been a favorite of mine. They are a pretty golden color with dark speckling and striping with the cocks having a rust colored face mask.
The Tuxedo is a very close second favorite, with their dark color and pure white chest and pied markings. Very handsome indeed!
 The British Red is another color mutation we have been working on to develop a more reddish color than the Tibetan. Some of our breeders are a truly beautiful rusty red, but the red is not firmly established yet.
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