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Introducing the
Mexican Speckled Quail

 The Mexican Speckled Quail is a mutation of the Bobwhite Quail with virtually identical markings but in a beautiful yellow or golden overall hue. The male has the typical bobwhite mask of white edged in black and the dark crest feathers which he raises when calling or displaying to the females. Our strain is very docile and is not as excitable as their northern cousins. The hens are very beautiful in their own right with their mottled coloration in the same yellow, golden hue. Layers of a nice sized, chalky white egg. The chicks hatch out with the typical bobwhite markings, but a much lighter coloration tending to yellow as well. Incubation takes 23-24 days and the chicks are easily raised in our Starter Brooders which provide the ideal environment for the chicks straight out of the incubator. Brooding takes a full six weeks. Longer in cooler climates, but once fully feathered and acclimated they are very strong and hardy.

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