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2019 Spring Newsletter
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 Hello again, and Happy almost Spring!
                                                          It's February and in Tucson that usually means Spring is in the air! Mother Nature seems to have a different idea this year and we have experienced unusually cold and wet weather this month. While we welcome the rain here in the desert, the temperature swings have thrown the birds off their schedule which has delayed Button Quail and Coturnix Quail egg production. We raise our birds under natural conditions, that is to say we do not encourage early or extended production from our birds thru the use of extended daylight hours. We feel the hens did their jobs throughout the breeding season, and deserve a break. Egg production for 2019 is expected to commence in late March or early April. Already the pre-sales of the Butler's Bobwhite Quail, the California Valley Quail and the White Chukar are headed for an early sellout for the season.
 We have moved to a larger and much better location that has enabled us to continue to expand our operation to better serve your needs. Our updated mailing and contact information can be found on our "About Us" page. When viewing our website on a tablet or mobile device, for some reason that we have not been able to correct, it will show our previous address. For that we apologize.
 We are now nestled in a beautiful, lush desert area surrounded by stately saguaro cactus and mesquite trees. The fauna of the area are incredible! We feel so peaceful and serene here. 

I would like to take a moment to thank all of our repeat clients for your continuing support that keeps us going, and to our new customers for helping us to continue growing. Do know that we appreciate your orders, but more importantly, we appreciate you and your faith in our business and our products, for without you our dream would not be realized. 

 Exciting news for 2019, we will be adding the beautiful, long tailed Reeve's Pheasant hatching eggs to our offerings. Also, look for the addition of the Black Sumatra, a beautiful, lustrous black chicken with glossy feathers that sheen purple, green and blue in the sunlight. The male has a stately look, and an arching and sweeping tail. Keep an eye out as more will be revealed as the season progresses. 
 In case you missed it, we started offering young adult pairs of our Chinese Button Quail, shipped to you via USPS Priority Express. Check out the next page for more details. The response was overwhelming and we quickly sold out the first 2 batches.

The spring hatching season is right around the corner, don't forget to order your Phil's Best Starter Brooder Kit to give your precious chicks the best chance of survival. Our brooder was designed many years ago and has proven to be a highly successful method of starting your precious chicks. Our brooder can be used for most any type of chick. It is economical, energy efficient, easy to clean and disinfect and very durable.
For 2019 we will introduce our Deluxe Edition, which is larger for higher quantities of chicks, or larger type chicks and waterfowl. Coming soon!

Thanks again - Phil Garcia

Thank You for your support. 
Watch this space for news of our upcoming offerings for the 2019 season!
-Phil Garcia-

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