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2018 Spring Newsletter
Welcome! Thank You for Visiting our Website
 As we head towards the Memorial Day weekend, a big Thank You!  to all of our friends and clients who are helping to make 2018 another resounding success!!

 We are appreciative of all the early orders that were booked and thank you for selling out the eggs for the Chinese Golden and Lady Amherst's Pheasants, and many others.
  The California Valley Quail hatching eggs are selling briskly and we expect a sellout again this season.
 Texas Blue Scale Quail hatching eggs will be in short supply this year so order yours now as they are laying and starting to ship. We have added the Gamble's Quail to our collection and we anticipate we will have a limited supply to offer. Due to the demand for quail meat and eggs, we have added Jumbo Brown and Jumbo White Coturnix quail to our line up. You won't believe the size of these quails - astounding!

 Most hatching eggs are shipping now. Some are sold ahead and some are sold out. At the present there is a good supply of Chinese Button Quail eggs available in all quantities. Same for the Jumbo Brown and Jumbo White Coturnix Quails. 
 When placing your hatching orders, don't forget to order your Phil's Best Starter Brooder Kit to give your chicks the best shot at survival.  Our brooder was designed many years ago and has proven to be a highly successful method of starting your precious chicks. Our brooder can be used for most any type of chick. It is economical, energy efficient, easily cleaned and disinfected and durable.
 I would like to take a moment to thank all of our repeat clients for your continuing support that keeps us going, and to our new customers for helping us to continue growing. Do know that we appreciate your orders, but more importantly, we appreciate you and your faith in our business and our products, for without you our dream would not be realized. - Phil

Thank You for your support and we look forward to a bigger and better 2018!
-Phil Garcia-

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