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The Tennessee Red Quail

 We are proud to introduce our line of Tennessee Red Quail. This mutation of the Bobwhite Quail is a beautiful Mahogany to Chestnut Red Quail with dark markings on the face, a white patch on the chest, especially pronounced on the males and dark skinned feet. We have been working with our strain for several years, developing the color and more importantly to us a relatively calm bird. They possess the usual call of the northern bobwhite that has endeared this quail to so many hobbyists. They lay a chalky white egg that takes about 23-24 days to incubate. The chicks hatch out a dark mahogany to chocolate color and are very lively from the get go. The Tennessee Red chicks are best raised separately from other species as they tend to be agressive during the initial brooding period. Once out of the brooder house, we generally do not have any issues combining them with other bobwhite type quails in the grow out pens.
We will have a limited supply of fresh and fertile hatching eggs  available for shipping in. Hatching eggs are expected to become available in early April. Order early, these will go fast!

Sold out ! - Thank You!

Hatching Eggs
Tennessee Red Quail
10 pack + 20% Free!
Price: $9.99

2019 Egg Laying is expected to start early April.
 Egg orders are filled in the order in which they are received,
shipping Sundays thru Thursdays.

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