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Fresh and Fertile Hatching Egg Assortments

The Chinese Blue Breasted or Button Quail as it is more commonly known is a beautiful miniature quail that is native to China. It was introduced to the rest of the world and very quickly became a favorite among breeders and hobbyists alike.

They are small, about 4" and are easy to keep and raise in just about any type of setting. They are best kept in pairs as this is more natural for them, but they have also been raised in trios and colony's with great success.

When first introduced to the hobby, all that was available was the Normal or "Wild Type" which is still the favorite and preferred by purists of the hobby. But man never seems to be content with what nature has provided us and we strive to create other color varieties. The first of these mutations was the Silver, a beautiful silver grey quail with light chestnut dusting along the breast of the male adorned with the typical white bib of the wild type. Since then there have been a wide and diverse variety of color mutations developed by hobbyists interested in genetics, including, but not limited to the Normal Red Breasted, Silver Red Breasted, Blue face Silver and Blue Face Normal, Golden Pearl, Silver Pearl, Rusty Nail, Darth Vader, Chocolate, Chocolate Blue Face, White, Splash, Pied and Tuxedo with more colors sure to come.

At Phil's Best Button Quail, we raise and sell all of the varieties listed. Our main focus is the selling of Fresh and Fertile Hatching Eggs as this is the easiest and cheapest way to get started. Our assortments include some or all of the varieties we raise depending on what is available at the time of shipping.

 We are offering Young Adult Pairs for sale, shipped by Priority Express Mail and at the various Bird Club Shows we participate in. Visit our Upcoming Shows page for listings.

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