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2023 Fall Newsletter

 Thank You for Visiting our Website!

Hello Friends!        

 I hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying the break in the weather as we head into the Labor Day weekend and ultimately the crisp, cool evenings of fall.

 It's hard to believe that another breeding, laying and hatching season is behind us. All of our seasonal breeders have called it quits for the season and are taking a well deserved break from egg production. The incubators have been shut down for the season. The majority of the chick brooders are empty and the grow out pens are full of this year's hatch of birds ready to find a new zip code!

We expect to be adding the 2023 hatch pairs to the website very soon, so keep an eye out or give us a call or send an email if interested.


As we look back at we take great pride in all that we have accomplished since moving to our "new" location 6 years ago. We have been able to expand our breeding, incubation and hatching capacity. Egg production was robust in 2023 and we expect the same going into 2024. We were also able to introduce some excellent new bloodlines to our Reeve's Pheasant, Purebred Lady Amherst's and Golden Pheasant breeding programs. We are constantly looking for new breeds to add to our offerings on the website, so visit us often.

All of our birds are raised under natural conditions, meaning we do not stimulate early or prolonged production thru the use of artificial lighting as we feel the birds deserve as natural a cycle as possible.

I would like to take a moment to thank all of our repeat clients for your continuing support that keeps us going, and to our new customers for helping us to continue growing. Do know that we appreciate your orders, but more importantly, we appreciate you and your faith in our business and our products, for without you our dream would not be realized. 

Thanks again - Phil Garcia

Thank You for your support.

-Phil Garcia-

When emailing us, please use the preferred address:

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