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Butler's Bobwhite Quail

If you are looking to add to your collection, you cannot go wrong with the Butler Bobwhite Quail. Identical to the Northern Bobwhite in appearance, but much larger - average about 20 oz. or more. These gentle giants are a great addition to any collection. Much more docile than the Northern variety, they are inquisitive and generally non-aggressive to each other, although care should be taken when introducing other species to their domain. The eggs are a chalky white and very large - excellent for those of you that like to do egg arts and crafts. Many enjoy the bob-bob-white! call of the males in the morning and early evening.

The chicks are identical in appearance to that of the wild species and are very lively and active and are best raised by themselves or other similar sized species. Never place them with Button Quail chicks as they are too tiny and delicate.

We have a small flock of these fascinating quails and we really enjoy working around them as they are extremely curious and will gather at our feet when we are cleaning their aviary, collecting eggs or feeding and watering. They love fresh greens and meal worms, and with a little patience, you will soon have them eating out of your hand.

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