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introducing the

Silver Pheasant

Available and Shipping Now!!

The silver pheasant is a species of pheasant found in forests, mainly in the mountains, of Southeast Asia and eastern and southern China with introduced populations in Hawaii and various locations in the United States. The male is black and white, while the female is mainly brown. Both sexes have a bare red face and red legs. It is common in avicultural and overall also remains common in the wild. They are a rather large bodied and very strong birds that can grow to recognize their humans. Like most birds, they can become quite tame, especially at an early age when they can be easily bribed with meal worms and other treats. They lay a large pinkish, thick shelled egg that hatches in 25 days. We will be offering a limited supply of hatching eggs this season. Order early as they are sure to sell out again in 2024.

To Order:

Click on the image, that will take you to the order page to book your egg order. Most orders fulfilled in a few days.

Sorry, No Shipping Outside the Continental United States

Egg orders are filled in the order in which they are received,

shipping Sundays thru Thursdays.

Please be aware that we set aside time on Wednesday's and Thursday's to answer emails and send acknowledgments - Thank You! 

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