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2021 Chick season is nearly upon us!

Phil's Best

Starter Brooder Kit

only $44.99

economical and energy efficient!

Temporarily out of stock

Just in time for the upcoming Spring Hatching Season comes Phil's Best Starter Brooder Kit for giving your chicks the optimum chance of survival. This brooder was designed by and is used by Phil's Best Button Quail to start all of our quail, pheasant and bantam chicks.

Shipped complete and ready to use, you will find our starter brooder to be economical and extremely energy efficient, using only 40 watts of electricity compared to the many other brooders offered for sale that use 10 times the amount of electricity, which is great if your trying to heat the whole room, but definitely overkill if you're just trying to raise a few chicks. We use a number of these brooders to raise hundreds of chicks each year. Easy to clean and disinfect, the transparent brooder box comes with a screened snap on lid with specially designed thermal ventilation holes to keep your chicks in and the flies out! 

Each Brooder Kit includes the aforementioned Transparent Brooder Box with Screened Snap on lid, Electrical unit with 40 watt Heat Source, a No-slip rubberized mat to help prevent Spradle-legged Syndrome, a 1 Quart Water container with No-Drown Quail Base and a package of Attraction Stones to help attract the chicks to the water while preventing them from getting wet, an 8 hole Galvanized Chick Feeder and approx. 2lbs of our High Protein Chick Starter and Instructions for use.

 Once you have used one of our Starter Brooders, you will marvel at the ease of maintaining and raising chicks! You'll wish you had bought 3 of them!

All orders are shipped USPS Parcel Post which has a delivery of 6 days average. If you are in a hurry, we can ship UPS Ground, 3 day service, but this will add about 30.00 more to the shipping charges, so order early and keep the 30.00 in your pocket!

Important Shipping Notice - PLEASE READ!!

If you are East of the Mississippi River, please be advised that the shipping costs have skyrocketed to 75.00 for this package. If you are not willing to pay the difference, please do not order as any refund request or cancellation after placing the order will be subject to the PayPal processing fee which is no longer returned to the seller. Sorry for any inconvenience. If you would like to request a quote for shipping prior to ordering, please email us at

Thank you!

Starter Brooder Kit - Complete and ready to Use

Top and bulb colors may vary

Please be aware that we set aside time on Wednesday's and Thursday's to answer emails and send acknowledgements - Thank You!

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